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October 2, 2016
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Loughton Movement Clinic

We’ve been there, the scary “elite” gyms, the full-on fitness class, the slimming club weigh ins. All of these work for some people however there are many people looking for a more hands on, bespoke option and that’s what we offer at the Loughton Movement Clinic.

Here at LMC we specialise in helping people achieving their goals. We focus on health, fitness and nutrition, ensuring that all boxes are ticked. What you’ll find here are dedicated and highly experienced experts in fitness, trained nutritionists, injuries specialists and more, all under one roof.

LMC is the place where a fitness class is fun, welcoming and supportive. There are no drill masters here and yet we all work together to get you where you want to be. You’ll sweat, but you’ll enjoy doing it!

Our dream when we set up the Loughton Movement Clinic was to create a place that brought movement to life, that helped clients reach their goals, that celebrated success and prioritised whole body wellness. For example, enjoying a great workout then going home to a not so healthy meal is counter-productive. For this reason, we put together a specialist team to help you with all aspects of your health and fitness journey.

Feel free to come down and visit us, we don’t bite! We’d love you to see what we have to offer you and so are offering a complimentary workout session. No sign ups, no scary induction sessions, just a fun, supportive and welcoming fitness class so that you may see and appreciate what we offer for yourself.

Want to know more? Call us on 077 3164 3357