Nutrition Hub

If you want to achieve long term wellness, to feel better, to have more energy and above all enjoy the benefits of activity and movement you need to look at your diet. Here at LMC we don’t believe in fad diets and costly food substitutes, we want to help you change the way you eat so that your body receives everything it needs to sustain you fully.

Those looking to lose weight will benefit from our dietician and nutritionists who will work alongside therapists and fitness trainers to calculate exactly what you need to put into your body to get our what you need.

Here science meets the mind as we also help you to understand and where necessary alter your relationship with food. Food is fuel, food is important and food can be fun without it overwhelming you or damaging your health.

The personalised diet plan we put together for you and the ongoing monitoring and support you will receive will help you see that nutrition is not just about the facts and figures printed on a food box; it is about nourishment and keeping your body as a whole well.

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