Cut It Out
Cut It Out
October 13, 2016
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Is productivity the key to becoming successful?

>Do you consider yourself a productive person?

>With these 5 key points you can start to master you efficiency in and out of the gym.

Productivity isn’t about smarts or willpower – it’s about thoughtfully developing daily routines and traits that let you get the most out of your time.

  1. Create A Daily Priority List

Start small – pick the 3 key things you need to do today. What are the few things that you need to accomplish to consider the day a success? Force yourself to think in small, actionable steps and you’ll be surprised by how much faster you achieve your goal. Once you have momentum and start to master these daily actions you will find you go into autopilot and it will become less of a chore and more of a lifestyle choice.


  1. Defeat Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a productivity killer. It’s an impossible benchmark people set themselves for everything, it won’t be everything won’t be perfect, accept it, get the job done and move on to the next one.  Productive people accept that doing their best is good enough. Fear of failing or not measuring up is natural, but it’s rarely useful. Instead, see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. Not being confident in doing a particular exercise or cooking a certain meal will make you avoid making them, instead try and learn from feedback from others and then aim to master it.


  1. Set Boundaries

Productive people say ‘no’ all the time. Whether it’s going for a drink after work, having a piece of cake because it’s a colleagues birthday. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish with your time and energy. In fact, it’s a key skill in success. If you’re constantly saying ‘yes’ you’ll end up rushing through important tasks to please someone else and move you away from your desired goal. Choose carefully what and who you say ‘yes’ to. You may feel you are missing out but saying no will get you that step closer to your desired goal every time.


  1. Be Willing To Walk Away

If you find out that a training programme, diet or even a relationship that you’ve started on isn’t right for you – turn around. Sometimes the best and most productive option is to simply walk away. You don’t have to finish everything you start. Understand that having a weekly review process is key in judging what is working and what is not, are you losing weight, are you too tired and it’s effecting your performance, take a step back and look at what’s working for you and what is not, adjust and make appropriate changes.


  1. Optimize Your In-Between Time

You have time slots that are open between events. Use that time to your advantage, whilst you are running a bath you could also prepare your gym bag for the next day, whilst watching a film you could be doing the stretching exercises your trainer prescribed or ab work they set you. Don’t waste dead time, take advantage of it and be be productive by doing smaller things daily when no one else is watching because they are add up and make a big difference.


I hope this is of help to you, keeping to these rules will put you a step further than the rest and you will get a lot more done and never feel like you haven’t got the time to train or prep food. There will be no excuses needed and results in the gym and in life will speak for themselves.